Bearing Witness Project


Past participants say that the Bearing Witness workshops are the most engaging and informative way to give voice to their families’ experiences.

Weekend workshops are offered several times a year including summer in a state-of-the-art computer lab facility in Riverdale, New York.

Course topics:

  1. Digitizing and editing video

  2. Multimedia presentation techniques

  3. Scriptwriting

  4. Media literacy training

  5. Engaging your audience

  6. Tailoring for different groups

  7. Hands-on, simple software tools

  8. Practice with other participants

  9. Copyright compliance

  10. Marketing tips and speaking fees

Workshop leaders:

Adam Kenner and Sheryl Rivera, Media Literacy teachers and technologists; Sandy Rubenstein, teacher and second generation survivor.

For fee structure and scheduling information, contact:

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The Bearing Witness Project helps the descendants of holocaust survivors keep their family stories alive for generations.